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False Flooring For Server Room In Mumbai

Access Flooring System in Mumbai

Access flooring system is a raised/cavity flooring system that offers a perfect solution for all your power and data cable management needs. False flooring is elevated flooring mostly used in commercial spaces such as offices, IT Rooms, server rooms and data centers.

As the foremost provider of False Flooring solutions in Mumbai , we offer a complete range of expert services tailored to meet all your server room flooring needs. Our offerings encompass ESD Flooring, Access Flooring Systems, and Raised Flooring Systems, ensuring optimal dust-free and well-ventilated environments for your data center and IT rooms.

False flooring also known as Raised Access flooring is a system used to elevate a secondary floor from the main floor using G.I support system consisting of Pedestals and Stringers. This helps in creating a hidden void for the purpose of concealing any heavy mechanical or electrical wires and conduit pipes that cannot be installed on walls or ceilings. This particular form of false flooring system can be installed at varying heights from anywhere between 4 Inches to 3 feet. Thus making it suitable for places like Server rooms in IT based companies, Modern offices, Data Centers, computer rooms etc.

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  • Freedom to redesign floor space
  • Freedom to grow workspace within available area.
  • Freedom to respond to technological changes.
  • Freedom for your computer networks, video terminals, links, telephone and fax, electrical, hydraulic, air-conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Best solution to improve space flexibility.
  • Low maintenance and fast paced construction with modular elements.
  • Superior indoor air quality with underfloor air distribution.


Unitile Access Flooring System comes in two varieties

  • With Composite Wood Core Panel
  • With Steel Cementitious Panel

The Unitile Advantage

  • Wide choice of panels, under-structure and coverings for varied applications.
  • Virtually customised solutions for all your access floor needs.
  • High quality wood core, steel and steel-cement panels for different load bearing needs.
  • Wide range of accessories to enhance flexibility and improve efficiency.
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ESD Flooring in Mumbai

Antistatic flooring is used to avoid the risk of getting the equipment damaged/malfunction due to dissipation of Static Charge. An antistatic floor eliminates the dangers of static discharge, whether there is an ESD danger to a device or ESD is caused from a device, or there is a field induced ESD. It allows ESD to flow across its surface. Dissipation of static electric charge is at a rate, which is rapid but controlled to ensure safety to microcircuit devices.

Recommended for

  • Server Room, Clean Room, Telecom, Hospitals, Laboratories and general office areas.

False floors - also known as raised access floors - are elevated floors which lie above subfloors with a space between them.

In this review, the focus is on shock-absorbing flooring, which aims to prevent fall-related injuries by reducing the impact forces experienced when individuals come into contact with the ground. Shock-absorbing floors vary in design, cost and suitability for use in different areas of care settings.

False flooring or also known as Raised Access flooring is a system used to elevate a secondary floor from the main floor using G.I support system consisting of Pedestals and Stringers.

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